Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eastern Kentucky State Normal School

The latest statistics show that over 16,000 students are attending Eastern this semester. That is a long way from this early photo of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School.

This great photo, probably taken in 1921 was recently donated to the archives. The date is estimated from the appearance of the Memorial Hall Annex, the building on the far left. According to the Board of Regents minutes, bids were being accepted for light fixtures for the new building in April 1921 and in this photo the annex looks like construction is nearly complete.

Most of the Eastern community at the time was probably included in this photo. Students are letters, faculty and staff are dots. If you look closely President Coates is in the third dot from the right, and the last 's' includes students from Model Training School. There is a baseball game in the background and a tennis game on the far right where the library now stands.

Thank you Mrs. Agee for this great donation.

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