Friday, September 4, 2009


For several years I've had this negative on my desk. It was found in the EKU negatives, but I knew it wasn't taken on our campus. I also had no idea where it was taken and no idea what I was going to do with it.

Yesterday our student worker, Jessica, was entering metadata for university negatives in the collection and ran across this image. The building in the foreground reminded me of the above image, but a quick glance told me it wasn't the same, so I disregarded it.

We both recognized the Cincinnati skyline in the background, especially Carew Tower, and the bridges let us know it was taken from the Kentucky side of the river, so Jessica emailed a scan to the Kenton County Public Library. This morning we had a email from Tim with an identification.
The photo is taken from the Garden of Hope in Covington Kentucky. The Garden of Hope, briefly, is a life-sized recreation of various important places in the Holy Land (Christ’s tomb, Joseph’s carpenter’s shop, etc.). The structure in your photo is the chapel.
As soon as I read Carpenter's Shop I went back to my photo and looked again. Sure enough it matches. The signs on the prayer walk are identical in both photos. The Carpenter's Shop also has a plaque reading "In Eternal memory of Pete and S____ Schreiber." To learn more about the Garden of Hope read this news article from the Kentucky Post.

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